About the Books

Real Life Legal provides practical self-help legal guides for real people who need help with the law.

Our books are designed with one vision in mind: to help you understand something well enough to decide if you need a lawyer and what to expect with or without one. Browse our library of self-help legal guides covering topics from bankruptcy, estate planning, employee law, veterans, special needs, homeowners claims, and more.

Each book is a short, easy to read guide to help you get started. You won’t be left overloaded, overwhelmed or drowning in a sea of legalese. It’s as simple as that. If you find yourself asking any of the questions below or anything similar, please browse our books.

What are my rights if I get fired?

Learn what you need to know in Employee’s Guide to Discrimination and Termination

How do I know if I need a Will?

Find out in Estate Planning: A Road Map for Beginners

Is my ADHD child eligible for special education?

Check out Special Needs Education: Navigating for Your Child

What do I do if lightning or a tornado has struck my home?

Understand what to do next with Filing a Homeowners Claim: Disaster or Not

Can I manage things for my parents?

Learn what you need to know in Elder Law: Legal Planning for Seniors

What should I do if I’ve been charged with a crime?

Get the lay of the land from You’ve Been Arrested: Now What?

What do I need to do if a loved one is dying?

Find out by reading What to Do When Someone Dies

What should I do if my child has been diagnosed as special needs?

Learn what you need to know. Planning for Your Special Needs Child

Do I need to sign a contract for my home renovations?

Check out A Lawyer’s Guide to Home Renovations

Each of our books is designed to provide practical advice for real people. That’s where smart legal choices begin. Real Life Legal™ wants YOU to be prepared.

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We want YOU to be prepared!

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