Do It Yourself Legal Forms

Do It Yourself Legal Forms Should Be Approached With Caution

Do-it-yourself legal forms, are like assemble-it-yourself furniture. What happens when those instructions leave out a step, or the parts included are a few short? We’ve all been there.

Recently a man contacted my law firm to witness and notarize his fill-in-the-blanks will. He was exasperated because no one would notarize his signature. Since the notary’s job is to attest that the person signing is indeed the person signing, I knew this man’s difficulty was really that no one wanted to be remotely connected with his will signing.

Once I met him and read it, I knew why.

In addition to cutting out one of his children, and including a venting tirade, he hadn’t quite filled in all the blanks. So when the document “assembled” it was missing some important stuff, like a residuary clause. When I tried to tell him, no doubt he figured I was up to lawyer tricks and firmly and loudly declared that it “got the job done!”

But it didn’t really get the job done. Likely what it did was create a big mess for the kids he hadn’t disinherited. Yet he was pleased as punch that he saved money. To me it was like looking at some lopsided self-assembled bookcase and declaring it to be “just like the catalog picture!”

When my car starts making a funny noise, I don’t pick up the hood and start poking around. Why? Because I know I don’t know what I’m doing and this isn’t a good do-it-yourself project for me. Sometimes I’m happy that I remember how to open the hood and leave it at that.

Want to poke under the hood and get an idea of what a will should include? Check out Real Life Legal™ Estate Planning: A Road Map for Beginners.

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