How to Know If You Need to Hire a Lawyer

Tips on Hiring a Lawyer and Working with Lawyers

At Real Life Legal™, we want you to understand something well enough to decide when you need a lawyer, and what to expect with or without one.

It’s as simple as that.

Fear of Lawyers?

People are often afraid to seek legal help because they’re:

  • Embarrassed or ashamed of the jam they’re in.
  • Concerned about looking foolish or stupid or being vulnerable.
  • Not sure they’ll know if the lawyer is qualified.
  • Afraid of what a lawyer will cost.

Put these concerns aside because the right lawyer is your ally and advocate.

To hire a lawyer who is right for you:

  • Check out his/her experience with your precise concerns.
  • Verify that the lawyer is licensed.
  • Consider personal recommendations.
  • Check complaints with the bar association or state licensing authority.
  • Read online information including background and testimonials.
  • Inquire about fees and fee arrangements.
  • Assess availability to work and return phone calls, etc.

You must always hire a lawyer if you are:

  • Placed under arrest.
  • Served papers in a lawsuit.
  • Involved in a serious accident.
  • Changing family status in connection with death, divorce or adoption.
  • Experiencing bankruptcy, foreclosure.
  • Served with tax notices (or you can consult a CPA).

If you can’t afford a lawyer, many local bar associations provide counsel at low or no cost. You may also get the help you need from a non-profit group that serves people with the type of issue you are facing.

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