Prevent Drunk Driving: Party Hosts Can Be Liable in Some States

With holiday parties well underway, Real Life Legal wants you to be prepared and be safe during the holiday season (and throughout the year!) Here are some tips for you to help you and your guests prevent drunk driving:

• The NHTSA has a new “SaferRide” App that allows users to call a taxi or someone to pick them up by identifying their location.

• Some states let guests re-cork open bottles and take them home if they were consumed in part with a meal. The bottle must be resealed, put in a clear bag with the receipt attached to it. Patrons don’t have to stay to finish their wine!

• If you’re a business, make sure you train your servers to learn how alcohol affects patrons, prevent serving patrons who are intoxicated, apply diplomatic ways to refuse serving those who drink too much and use accurate ways to proof patrons ID’s.

Check your insurance and state or county laws which may affect your legal responsibility in connection with an intoxicated person you serve. The last thing you want is to be legally responsible for damages if you are sued. For businesses, commercial general liability coverage generally covers this, but make sure your policy is in force!

And if you are a party hoster, make sure this is covered under your homeowner’s policy. Usually a homeowner’s policy provides coverage for a social host where alcohol is served for free. Policies can be purchased annually or as a special event liability.

Learn more about what you want from a homeowner’s policy in: Real Life Legal’s “Filing a Homeowner’s Claim: Natural Disaster or Not” by Dawn Snyder, Esq.

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