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Employee’s Guide to Discrimination and Termination

Employee’s Guide to Discrimination and Termination

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Employee’s Guide to Discrimination and Termination

Author: Joanne Dekker, Esq.
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Non-discrimination laws aim to create equal treatment for all workers in the United States, regardless of heritage, age, gender, disability and other differences. Often when these rights are violated, workers can take legal action against their employers.

While not all types of unequal treatment are illegal, and not all employers are subject to these laws, most are.

If you’re not sure whether that unpleasant activity you’re experiencing at work is illegal, and what you can do about it, this book is for you. If you’re concerned about being fired and worry about back wages, references, and your eligibility for COBRA, learn your rights.

Joanne Dekker is an attorney whose specialties include employment law, government contract and general business litigation and animal rights. She is licensed to practice law in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia.


Table of Contents

What This Book’s About

Workplace Rights

Illegal Discrimination

Illegal Employment Discrimination Explained

Federal Laws Prohibiting Discrimination

Discrimination Based on Race, Color, National Origin, Religion and Gender

Discrimination Based on Age

Waivers Under the ADEA

Discrimination Based on Pregnancy

Discrimination Based on Genetic Information

Equal Pay for Equal Work

Discrimination Based on Disabilities

What Is a “Disability” Under the ADA?

Short- vs. Long-Term Disability

Disabled People Must Still Be Able to Perform the “Essential Job Functions”

You Are Disabled But Can Do the Job. Now What?

How Do You Decide If an Accommodation Is “Reasonable”?

What Causes Employers “Undue Hardship”?

Employers Can’t Ask About Disabilities

Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation

What Discriminatory Actions Are Illegal?

Disparate (or Adverse) Impact

Disparate (or Adverse) Treatment

Hostile Work Environment

Sexual Harassment


Illegal Terminations

What Is Wrongful Termination?

What Is a Constructive Discharge?

What Happens If I Think My Employer Has Violated My Rights?

Filing a Complaint with the EEOC

An EEOC Investigation

Different Rules for Federal Government Employees

Does It Make Sense to Sue My Employer If My Rights Are Violated?

What Evidence Must I Show?

What Money Damages Can I Collect If I Win?

Should I Get a Lawyer?

Lawyer Referral

Thoughts About Suing Your Employer

Consider Settling a Lawsuit

Your Rights on Termination of Employment

Employee at Will

Employment Contracts

Independent Contractors

What Do You Get When Terminated?

When Do You Get Paid After Termination?

Benefits After Termination

Wrapping up Your Departure

What About References?

Termination/Severance Agreements

Hire a Lawyer to Review Your Severance/Termination Agreement

Closing Thoughts


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