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Filing a Homeowners Claim: Natural Disaster or Not

Filing a Homeowner’s Claim: Natural Disaster or Not

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Filing a Homeowner’s Claim: Natural Disaster or Not

Author: Dawn Snyder, Esq.
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As the U.S. has been hard hit with an increasing number of natural disasters, American homeowners have heard a wake-up call. Do you know if your homeowner’s insurance policy will cover you if disaster strikes? What can you do if your insurance company denies your claim?

This Real Life Legal™ book is written by a practicing attorney with an insider’s take on how homeowner’s policies and claims work. She makes it easy to understand insurance policy coverages, exclusions, endorsements and riders. You can learn how insurance claims work and some easy steps to follow to make sure your rights and interests are protected.

If your claim is denied or not paid in full, this book has invaluable practical information on what to do next. You’ll learn whether it makes sense to hire an attorney or public adjustor to go to bat for you. Since not all homeowner’s policies are the same, make sure you’ve got the coverage you need in case the next hurricane, tornado, earthquake, flood, wildfire or superstorm comes along!

We cover all that here. And make it easy to understand.

Real Life Legal™ wants you to be prepared.

Dawn Snyder is an attorney with a background in civil litigation, including appeals and alternative dispute resolution in the areas of insurance, construction, design and personal injury. She is licensed to practice law in Ohio and Arizona.


Table of Contents

What This Book’s About

Basic Coverages Under a Homeowner’s Policy

Protecting Your Home

Special Limitations on Flood Insurance

The Homeowner’s Policy

The Declarations Page


Insuring Agreement

Making Sense of Exclusions

Riders and Endorsements

Force-Placed (Lender-Placed) Insurance

Avoid Force-Placed Policies

How to Stay Clear of Lender-Placed Insurance

A Walk Through the Claims Process

Document the Damage

Protect Against Further Damage

Keep Track of Your Expenses

Reporting a Claim

Inspection by an Insurance Adjuster

Calculating Your Insurance Recovery

Proof of Loss

Anatomy of a Scope

How a Claim Payment Is Calculated

Calculating a Loss

What Is Depreciation?

Recoverable Depreciation

Repairing the Damage

Using the Insurance Company’s Preferred Contractor

The Pros and Cons of Using an Insurer’s “Preferred Contractor

Don’t Forget Your Deductible

Supplementing the Claim Payment

My Claim Is Denied―Now What?

No Damage?

Why Is Damage Excluded?

What Happens When Things Go South?

Settling a Denied Claim: The Appraisal Clause

Mediation and Arbitration


State Mediation for Major Disaster Claims


Insurance Bad Faith

What Is Insurance Bad Faith?

What to Do About Carrier Bad Faith

Ask for a Different Adjuster

Speak with Your State Department of Insurance

Consider Filing a Lawsuit

Should I Hire a Professional to Submit My Claim to an Insurer?

Disadvantages of Hiring a Professional

Types of Professionals to Hire

Hire a Lawyer

Hire a Public Adjuster

Public Adjuster Fees

The Role of Contractors

A Contractor’s Second Look Affects the Scope

Concluding Thoughts

Additional Resources


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