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What to Do When Someone Dies

What to Do When Someone Dies

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What to Do When Someone Dies

Author: Susan G. Parker, Esq
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Whether a loved one is ill and you fear the worst, you’re dealing with a sudden and unexpected death, or you’re the executor named to handle the affairs of someone who’s just died, this book will help you understand what needs to be done. It can also help you get your own affairs in order, if you don’t want to leave a mess for your family.

Written by an attorney who specializes in trusts and estates, this simple guide shepherds you through the end-of-life process, from near death to probate. It’s a compassionate insider’s take on preparing for wrapping up another’s life, from calling the coroner’s office to making funeral arrangements and protecting assets.

In the final stage of a last illness, you’ll want to be sure you understand end-of-life wishes—including a living will, anatomical gifts, burial instructions and the location of important legal documents such as a will, deed or trust. You’ll need to quickly get up to speed to discover online passwords, safeguard assets and notify next of kin (for the funeral and probate).

There’s a lot to take care of at a time when feelings of loss and emotions may run high, and we want you to be as prepared as possible with the things you can control.

We cover that all here. And make it easy to understand.

Real Life Legal™ wants you to be prepared.

Susan G. Parker is a tax attorney who specializes in estate, elder and business planning. She is licensed to practice law in New York and Florida.


Table of Contents

What This Book’s About

Wrapping Up Another’s Affairs

If the End Is Near

Do I Need a Lawyer?

When Hiring a Lawyer Makes Sense

Factors That Suggest You Should Hire a Lawyer

When You May Not Need a Lawyer

Dealing with Physical Death

Notifying Others of a Death

Side Effects of Published Death Notices

Decedent’s Wishes Concerning Funerals and Memorials

Burial Wishes

State Law Governs Burial Wishes

Locating Burial Instructions

Making Funeral Arrangements

Don’t Go It Alone

Getting Aid to Pay for Funerals

Getting Death Certificates

When Death Certificates Are Needed

Get Out-of-Towners to Sign Necessary Legal Documents

Action Required Within a Week of Death

Think Before Cutting Off Services

Securing a Decedent’s Property

After the Funeral

Reviewing the Will

What If You Can’t Find a Will?

A Safe Deposit Box

Information Gathering

Review Incoming Mail

Locate Legal Documents and Important Papers

Cash Needs

Evidence of Debts and Medical Expenses

Keep an Eye on Assets

About Social Security Benefits

Getting Ready for Estate Administration

What Estate Administration Involves

State Law Governs

Operation of Law to Pass Assets

Getting Appointed as Executor or Administrator

Don’t Be Surprised by What You Feel

Summary Checklist


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