Elder Law: Legal Planning for Seniors

[★★★★★] This is a great, practical and easy-to-read guide to an otherwise very complex subject. It provides excellent, practical advice and is written in a way that non-lawyers can easily understand. This book outlines all of the important elder law issues. Reading it will prepare you to work with lawyers to achieve your goals. A highly recommended read. Be sure to check out another great companion book, entitled “Estate Planning,” written in the same great, clear and practical style by the same authors. – D. Biver

Planning for Your Special Needs Child

[★★★★★] My child has cerebral palsy and I have been thinking about planning for her future. This book was an easy-to-understand guide on government programs available to help provide financial support to children (and adult children) with special needs and their families, how to effectively plan your estate to ensure your child is taken care of after your death (and how to maintain eligibility for government assistance programs), and the steps parents must take to get their children qualified for government programs. It definitely made the process seem much less scary. – Kindle Customer

What to Do When Someone Dies

[★★★★★] Great practical advice for executors and those in stages of illness; found this to be extraordinarily helpful in getting things ready for my family after I was diagnosed with an illness. I ‘d recommend it for anyone who wants straight talk and solid advice with a dose of humor too. Very easy to read and understand. – Joanne

Estate Planning: A Roadmap for Beginners

[★★★★★] A short primer that is a useful read for every adult.
This was an easy-to-understand description of a complex topic. It addressed many of the important issues to be considered in estate planning, and appropriately suggested areas where an attorney should be involved to help make sure things are properly handled. A short primer that is a useful read for every adult. – W. Gartner

Employee’s Guide to Discrimination and Termination

[★★★★★] This book is a very well-written and clear guide to discrimination situations in the workplace. Often, employees feel intimidated when faced with discriminatory practices in the workplace. The author’s straightforward description of what constitutes lawful and unlawful behavior is very helpful in navigating what is actionable. It is helpful to know that direct evidence may not always be required to pursue legal action. Well done! – HRH2U

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