You Can Be Liable for Your Pet’s Behavior

Dog bites are up in the U.S. by 5% over 2013. Do you know if your insurance policy covers you if your dog bites someone – or another dog?

Without proper insurance coverage for a dog bite/injury, an owner/handler may be liable for medical expenses, loss of wages, emotional damage, and property damage caused to another.

Dog bites and insurance coverage for them – are a matter of state law. In most states, if your dog bites someone, you’ll be liable – even if you didn’t know your dog had “vicious propensities.”

In other states, you’re only liable if you knew the dog would bite because the dog has shown it’s tendencies.

No matter what – make sure you have insurance coverage to protect you, your dog and the other owner and their dog. This is typically covered under an umbrella policy with your homeowner’s insurance.

Susan G. Parker, Esq.

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